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“Everybody that I’ve ever seen that enjoyed their job was very good as it.” C. Yeager

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Jet Biz Marketing focuses on private jet marketing for the smaller business aviation companies including Part 135 air charter operators, Part 91 aircraft management companies, MROs, and FBOs.

Private Air Charter and Aircraft Management Services

  • The private aviation industry is all about the customer journey. Jet Biz Marketing can help your business provide a unique and pleasurable experience for your clients by offering fresh ideas for charter trips, customer appreciation, and remembering dates important to them.
  • Jet Biz Marketing can design and create professional aircraft management proposals for potential clients including preparation of the statistical data for the aircraft types.
  • Promote your services and fleet options via your website, social media, publications, press releases, events and more.
  • Create aircraft spec sheets for your fleet including photo shoots, spec sheet templates, interior configuration drawings, aircraft specifications, amenities, etc.
  • Draw in your clients with video tours of your private air charter fleet, or your facility.
  • Ensure your air charter fleet, service offering, fuel prices, etc. are listed on the top online sites to achieve maximum exposure. Jet Biz Marketing will maintain all your listings with updates to pricing, photos, and fleet changes.
  • Are your charter aircraft and/or services competitively priced? Jet Biz Marketing can perform market pricing research and compare your pricing to the competitions.

There are no membership commitments. As your marketing goals change, more or less time may be required to achieve these goals. Jet Biz Marketing doesn’t lock you into a program. We are a team. Your success is our success!

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Benefits of Aviation Marketing

With Jet Biz Marketing managing the marketing of your fleet, you can focus on what you love to do in your business. With one email or phone call, Jet Biz Marketing will complete a multitude of tasks related to marketing your aircraft. Eliminate the need for employees to perform marketing duties as time permits, or in addition to their primary functions which oftentimes results in missed opportunities.

Jet Biz Marketing has the knowledge of how and where to market your private aviation services based on years of experience in the private aviation industry.

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