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“To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.” J. Crawford

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Public Relations (PR) at its core is about engaging and building relationships with the public. How does PR differ from advertising? In advertising, you pay to have a usually brief message that is seen by the public.

Why is PR an important part of the marketing mix?

  • Generally, PR is more effective than traditional advertising. The audience understands that advertising is paid for, whereas, PR is generated through active media.
  • Greater longevity is often experienced with PR. Once your audience engages with your story, the online discussion can continue for extended periods of time.
  • Longer audience reach. Even if your story is picked up in a few media outlets, engaged readers will comment and share your story and so on.
  • As previously mentioned, your audience knows that ads are paid for. PR can be seen as having more credibility because of added information, journalist connections and online interaction by others.

Jet Biz Marketing can help you with your PR needs. As a team, we develop your positioning statement. What makes your private aviation business different from the competition?

Jet Biz Marketing can write your press releases and distribute to our comprehensive media list including aviation publications, general media, social and email.

Events are also a great way to generate PR and grow your sales funnel. Jet Biz Marketing assist with event planning and handle all the details for aircraft static displays, convention planning, facility tours, etc.

Ways That Public Relations
Could Benefit You:

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Benefits of Public Relations

  • Control of the message communicated to the public. Tell your story to a captive audience!
  • Integrate with overall marketing strategy with branding, events, media, lead generation, advertising, social media, etc.
  • Because business aviation has a wide audience, PR can target those potential clients within industry news and by venturing into the non-aviation media.
  • Greater opportunity to educate the audience on your business aviation services. Get detailed with your value proposition.
  • Host events and draw in potential leads! By teaming up with aircraft manufacturers, aviation organizations, schools, etc., your facility and service offering becomes the spotlight bringing numerous possibilities to campaign generation.

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